Favorite Images of 2016

42 shows, 3 festivals, and approximately 20,903 photos taken over this past year. Here are some of my favorite photos from 2016.

Citizen - The Dome Tufnell Park - London, UK - January 30th, 2016

First time seeing this band live and I didn't realize I had captured this shot until I got home to do some editing. I became fans of both Turnover and Citizen at this show. 

LIGHTS - The Ace Hotel Shoreditch - London, UK - March 16th, 2016

Lights is one of my favorite musicians to photograph and also interview. This was my fourth time interviewing her over the years and every time, she is just more and more lovely. I snapped a couple of photographs of her to go with the interview and this one ended up being my favorite (and her's too!) The Ace Hotel's dining room lighting was working in my favor that day. 


LIGHTS - The Hoxton Bar & Grill - London, UK - March 16th, 2016

This show was in an incredibly small room and I spent most of the night trying to dodge heads and get some good shots of her. Someone ended up leaving the crowd during her encore and I snagged the perfect spot, snapping this image in the last minute of her set.

Seaway and Knuckle Puck - Sound Control - Manchester, UK - April 4th, 2016

After less than four hours of sleep and traveling from Liverpool back to London then to Manchester (shout out to my travel buddy Emily), this shoot happened for the cover of Stitched Sound. After managing to get all of the guys together, I shot this in the upstairs venue of Manchester's Sound Control using only what the house lighting had to offer. It was a wild experience (the trip and the whole day itself), but I managed to walk away with some photos I am proud of, fans appreciated, and the bands loved. 

Saosin - O2 Academy Islington - London, UK - April 30th, 2016

Anthony Green is one of my favorite musicians and it was amazing capturing this shot of him during the first day of Saosin's UK tour. At first, I hated the red coloring of the image and almost made it a black and white photograph, but I love the red more than anything now.

Catfish and The Bottlemen - Electric Ballroom - London, UK - May 25th, 2016

After chasing this band for years, I was able to photograph them on one of my last day's in London. They are one of my favorite bands (if not my favorite) and this image perfectly captures the energy Van McCann brings to every performance. This venue always had the best house lighting.

Twenty One Pilots - WaMu Theater - Seattle, WA - July 18th, 2016

I had never listened to Twenty One Pilots before this show and was blown away by not only their set up, but their extremely dedicated crowd of fans that were at the show. It was a tough show with some difficult lighting, but I really love this image I captured.

Set It Off - Vans Warped Tour - Portland, OR - August 13th, 2016

You gotta have a good crowd/musician Warped Tour picture, right? Love how this one turned out.

Vanna - Vans Warped Tour - Portland, OR - August 13th, 2016

Vanna is a band I was looking forward to shooting at Warped Tour and while most of the photographers went to photograph Waka Flocka Flame at the same time, I made a good decision of going to Vanna's set. They put on an incredible show and were one of my favorite bands I photographed that day.

Melanie Martinez - Bumbershoot Music Festival - Seattle, WA - September 2nd - 4th

She's a musician I have wanted to photograph for years because of her whole persona and stage set up. So glad I managed to get this shot.

Death Cab For Cutie - Bumbershoot Music Festival - Seattle, WA - September 2nd - 4th

Death Cab's one of my favorite bands and I was so excited to photograph them again this year. They had such a wonderful stage and light set up and after a long weekend of festival shooting, they were the perfect band to close out the weekend for me! 

Tyler, The Creator - Bumbershoot Music Festival - Seattle, WA - September 2nd - 4th

This might be my favorite photo I took all year. I had been waiting so long to photograph Tyler and he was easily one of my favorite artists I photographed this year. I was so stoked when I captured this shot and it is one that I am really proud of! 

Machine Gun Kelly - Showbox Sodo -Seattle, WA - September 27th, 2016

I had no idea what to expect when going into this show and I left with some of my favorite photos I've taken at a show (I got some great crowd shots of MGK) especially this one. As soon as he lit up, I knew I wanted to capture an image like this one and am so happy with how it turned out. MGK even said he liked it, too! 

Yellowcard - The Showbox - Seattle, WA - October 26th, 2016

This also might be one of my favorite photos I captured this year. Yellowcard is a band I will always hold close to my heart so photographing them for the last time was definitely bittersweet. The image before this is Sean pointed his bow at me, but for some reason, I love this photo a whole lot more. The composition and framing around his face just really struck me and is an image I will always love.

Sum 41 - Neptune Theater - Seattle, WA - October 29th, 2016

Sum 41 was one of my bucketlist bands to photograph and the second I snapped this shot, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites of the night.

The Struts - The Showbox - Seattle, WA - November 7th, 2016

The Struts were another bucketlist band of mine to photograph and am so glad I got the chance to do so this year. They are definitely a band that is going to make it big in the states this next year! Gotta love a good eye contact photo, am I right? 

Tonight Alive - Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA - December 1st, 2016

Tonight Alive's one of my favorite acts to photograph and this was an image I wasn't sure if I had gotten or not at the time it was captured. I am so glad I did and happened to be dead center at the right time to capture this moment! 

Sleeping With Sirens - Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA - December 1st, 2016

Shout out to SWS for having the best pyro/lighting set up of any other band I photographed this year. This was the third or fourth image I had captured during their set and is definitely one of my favorites. It was an unexpected surprise I didn't discover until I got to editing, but I love the color, the pyro in the background, and Kellin's smile. (the fans liked this one on social media, too).